About Lead Katalyst 

About Us

We Provide Cutting-Edge Digital Marketing Solutions to Professionals in the US 

Lead Katalyst is a professional digital marketing agency born out of the need to deliver results.

Our agency’s story starts like any other—with a problem. Years back, our founder, a personal injury lawyer, tried putting himself before the right clients. So, of course, he decided to work with digital marketing agencies,

Time passed, but no results. Sadly.

The founder of our company was frustrated when he hired one of the best SEO agencies in America, but little did they know their woes were only about to take a nose dive because despite charging a very high premium for services; it turned out that this “luxury” firm had often times been copying and pasting news articles from other websites as their own and calling this “SEO”.

The unfortunate part is that this went on unnoticed for three years! Driven by the desire to ensure other professionals do not go through what he had experienced, our founder set out to launch a digital marketing agency that delivers results. Lead Katalyst caters to professionals, specifically law firms, medical professionals, CPAs, financial advisors, and other business professionals. This means we take a specialized and proven digital marketing strategy to deliver guaranteed results. 

We have a complete team of digital marketing experts ready to help you drive more leads to your website. We guarantee you 30 new client leads in only 30 days!

What We Do- Our Mission

Lead Katalyst employs tried-and-tested strategies to help you land more leads and close more business as a lawyer, attorney, business expert, or CPA. We do the following things to help you achieve this: 

Create an Online Presence for You 

We are an all-in-one digital marketing agency, and key among our services to you is website development. Our in-house team of experienced web developers will create a functional and responsive website, so you can reach out to your clients with the right messages while allowing them to contact you. 

As a professional, having a website allows you to establish an online footprint that ensures you land leads and get more conversions. So, talk to us today and let us help you build an online presence. 

Increase Visibility for Your Platforms 

Boosting online visibility involves putting out content that your audience gets to see and interact with. We understand this, and that’s why we will use effective digital marketing techniques to ensure all your online platforms get in front of your clients, whether it is your website, blog, or social media. 

We guarantee you increased visibility in only 30 days. 

Manage Your Organic and Paid Marketing 

You are a professional, whether a lawyer, medical professional, CPA, financial advisor, or any other business professional. The last thing you want to burden yourself with is something outside your professional scope, in this case, managing your online marketing. 

We have the right employees for that, meaning you get to focus on actually delivering value to your clients. Whether it is the management of your organic traffic or paid marketing efforts, we have you covered. 

Do Your SEO

While posting articles and blog posts help cultivate an online presence for your professional services, they are but a single cog in the entire machine. You need to complement these efforts with effective SEO to optimize your content and get it high up on the search engine results pages (SERPs.) We have been at it for years, so you can expect nothing short of excellent results. But do not worry about that; we will take care of your SEO needs and get your website in front of the right pair of eyes. 

Handle Your Customer Relationships 

Being a full-service digital marketing agency, we do more than the traditional activities you associate with such services. We go the extra step and help you manage your client relationships with CRM automation. This means you get to deal with real customer issues and not the trivial things that end up wasting your time.

Why Hire Us?  

Partnering with a digital marketing company like Lead Katalyst is the only way you get to land more leads and close more business as a professional service provider. But why choose us? Here are four good reasons:  


Guaranteed Results 

We want you to know exactly what you can expect when hiring us as a digital marketing partner. We boldly proclaim to earn you at least 30 leads from clients in 30 days of hiring us. 

Expert Team Members 

Lead Katalyst comprises a capable team of SEO experts, website designers, CRM gurus, paid ads experts, and other digital marketing experts. This means you can trust us to deliver the results you want and what we promise to do for you. 

Innovative Ideas

Our team comes up with innovative ideas each time. We do not re-use the same strategies and techniques from before because we know search engine algorithms are ever-changing, rendering obsolete ones useless. Instead, our members devise innovative methods from time to time to ensure your website ranks high. 

Affordable Pricing

There is no denying we deliver results. Lead Katalyst's services are reasonably priced to ensure you do not strain financially. Ultimately, you get to partner with us over time, thus, realizing even better results.

Looking for a Reliable Digital Marketing Agency? Call Lead Katalyst for Guarantee!

As a professional, you want to put your business before as many people as people during this digital age. Your competitors are already using an array of ways to do that, and you need to find a solution to stay competitive. At Lead Katalyst, we are ready to help you push your professional services to the masses using the latest and most effective digital marketing techniques.