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At Lead Katalyst, we use digital marketing strategies to connect you to potential customers looking for your services online. Our digital marketing specialists have years of experience and can help you reach your target audience in a scalable, measurable, and cost-effective manner.

Website Development

Your website is the heart of all your online marketing. A website adds a high level of trust and credibility to you. Not just that, it also allows you to show your high dedication towards your potential clients.


GoHighlevel takes the guesswork out of what you need to do regarding marketing & managing leads. With a platform – all your leads and customer data are organized in an automated pipeline so that growth can happen quickly!

C.R.M. with Automation

C.R.M. tools will allow you to streamline and simplify your communication for sales, customer care, and marketing. It also helps you gather data that will provide more relevant marketing, more effective sales messaging and more relevant marketing.

Paid Ads

Paid ads like Google Ads are a great way to get your profession in front of potential clients. This marketing strategy will allow you to show up at the top when they search for things like “lawyers near me.” Paid ads can be an extremely profitable digital strategy tool.


SEO done by a digital marketing expert aims to give your website a higher ranking on the Google results search engines for search terms relevant to your target audience. It enables your website to be more visible online, leading to more traffic and more customers.

Google My Business

We’ll help you achieve better rankings through GMB optimization, citation building and weekly posts that are tailored to rank well in search engines like google; we also respond quickly when it comes time for reviews, so you have no worries!
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Lead Katalyst is a digital marketing agency that understands the value of delivering results. We are an agency with a specific approach to things, which means we can guarantee results. Let our digital marketing specialists handle your digital marketing for your profession while you focus on running your practice.
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About Nick Anderson

I’m Nick Anderson, founder of Lead Katalyst. I created this company because of one bad experience after another working with digital marketing agencies who are not responsive and are not in touch with the market. I am a practicing attorney and law firm owner. Lead Katalyst is the only digital marketing company out there where the founder is a practicing attorney and law firm owner. My firm went from an unclear ROI spent on “SEO” to predictably signing new cases week after week without having to even think about it, basically putting our marketing efforts on autopilot.  This was possible because we implemented our “Case Acquisition Method.” 

I was stuck for two years with one of the biggest law firm digital marketing agencies in the country who has over 18,000 clients. The only reason I initially signed with them was due to their impressive number of clients, which I thought was a good track record.  Surely this many firms would not sign up with a bad marketing agency? Wrong! I learned this the hard way. During that two-year contract, we spent nearly 50k in total across their fees, and it was hard to track which clients came as a result of what they call SEO.


Because what they did was repost traffic accident news, call it SEO, and it never materialized into actual cases… That’s why I created the “Client Acquisition Method.” I had to figure out a different way to acquire clients because I was losing money with this agency every month.

I promise you that I know your situation, and I know that THIS works.  Don’t lock yourself into a multi-year agreement with a digital marketing company who doesn’t even remember your company’s name, much less the ability to take a personalized approach to help you spend time on doing what you love.  If you want to increase your revenue, you have to change your approach to capturing new clients.    



Innovative Ideas

We’re always coming up with new ideas to help your business grow, and that’s why we don’t reuse old strategies. Our team members devise innovative methods from time to time so you can stand out from your competitors.

Guaranteed Results

We cater exclusively to professionals & business owners. We follow better practices and provide guaranteed results for those looking for a higher return on investment.

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